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Paul Scheper

Charles has done a great job for my firm. All of my loan officers and I refer buyers/homeowners to him when there are credit issues – big or small. I can sum up my feelings about Charles in four simple words – Charles makes us money. Here’s how – he gives our clients guidance, tips, coaching, and proven strategies to remove ugly credit items and always (and I mean always) raises the Fico Credit Scores dramatically higher. He makes lemonade out of lemons and our loan fundings are sweet, not sour. What makes me proud is that Charles lives his life with integrity and honor and character. He tells the truth and gives my clients what they need – real methods to fix their credit. What’s in it for me? Simple – I fund loans and put smiles on faces. But the unsung hero is Charles and his firm, because without the credit report fixed, I would have no loan funding, and no resulting customer smiles.

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